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Re: Insulation questions

BillN: I've reinsulated most every panel in my Ghia, and a couple of 
fellow VW clubbers have told me it's the quietest VW they've ever ridden 
in. I used the foil-backed cotton-rag stuff from JC Whitney, which is 
cheap, light, easy to work with and -- important in AZ -- reflects some 
heat. I glued it to the inside of the doors, no problem with rollup 
clearance, under all carpets except the front wheel wells, the front and 
rear compartments (two thicknesses between the engine and the interior, 
one on each side of the panel), and between the headliner and the roof. 

Dynamat and similar are very expensive, very heavy and very effective 
at controlling panel sound, but not heat or sound from outside, imho. 

Fiberglass batting would be a big, messy, ineffective mistake, since it 
holds water.

Urea foam insulation traps water, too, and applies it directly to the 
metal it's stuck to. It's also acidic, speeding up the rust process. I 
have a motor home insulated with this stuff by the PO some years ago, 
and believe me I have a lot of rust repair to do in the most 
inconvenient places.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 343

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