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Re: [T3] Insulation in the doors.....

My doors do not have a single thing in the way of insulation. I don't know
about the space behind the panels in the back seat.

I guess what I'm looking for is both noise reduction and maybe some heat
retention. I live in Montana and I thought it might help during the
"chilly" periods.


> From: Patrick J. Morton <patmor@utu.fi>
> To: type3@vwtype3.org
> Subject: Re: [T3] Insulation in the doors.....
> Date: Wednesday, March 03, 1999 11:59 AM
> At 12:26 -0700 03/03/1999, Bill Niles wrote:
> >The doors do not have any type of insulation in them what so ever.
> There should be one square piece of thin, black tar board on the inside
> the door - I guess the idea was to deaden vibrations?  My door have it
> still.  However, it would depend on why you want to insulate the doors.
> Retain heat?  Reduce road noise?
> Dyna-mat serves two different purposes as I recall.  One is to eliminate
> road noise and keep in stereo sounds (or noise depending on what you are
> listening to).  The other was for something like heat damage or
> (fire) but I am not sure.  I stopped reading VW Trends years ago ...
> Dyna-mat comes in rolls, fe are two or three different materials
> available from them.  It is incredibly dense and also weighs quite a bit.
> You have to make a template and then cut out a piece according to where
> want to put it.
> They have different material for the floor (very thin) and then something
> else for under the headliner, inside of doors, quarter panels and so on.
> A friend of mine has a Beetle which is sound insulated to go with his
> stereo system.  It does make a huge difference for big bass sounds.
> BTW, it is also really expensive!
> So anyway, if you are worried about keeping the inside of your Typ 3
> that is probably another issue.  I would only wonder what happens in the
> summer time when the same insulation would help to keep the heat in.
> When I rebuilt my engine last summer, I covered the entire underside of
> rear cargo area with a sound killing, fire-proof material a friend gave
> He works in a ship yard (yes, we still have them in Finland) and it is
> same stuff cruise ships have around the exhaust systems to reduce noise
> keep heat in the exhaust.  It also is extremely dense for only being 2cm
> thick - sort of like a lead blanket feeling.  I guess that it has
> reduced engine noise (carb sucking especially), but I am not sure that
> is a good thing; I like the sound of a Typ 3 engine!
> There you have it.
> Patrick
> Patrick Joel Morton
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