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Re: [T3] Insulation in the doors.....

At 12:26 -0700 03/03/1999, Bill Niles wrote:

>The doors do not have any type of insulation in them what so ever.

There should be one square piece of thin, black tar board on the inside of
the door - I guess the idea was to deaden vibrations?  My door have it
still.  However, it would depend on why you want to insulate the doors.

Retain heat?  Reduce road noise?

Dyna-mat serves two different purposes as I recall.  One is to elVroad noise and keep in stereo sounds (or noise depending on what you are
listening to).  The other was for something like heat damage or dissipation
(fire) but I am not sure.  I stopped reading VW Trends years ago ...

Dyna-mat comes in rolls, and there are two or three different materials
available from them.  It is incredibly dense and also weighs quite a bit.
You have to make a template and then cut out a piece according to where you
want to put it.

They have different material for the floor (very thin) and then something
else for under the headliner, inside of doors, quarter panels and so on.

A friend of mine has a Beetle which is sound insulated to go with his mild
stereo system.  It does make a huge difference for big bass sounds.

BTW, it is also really expensive!

So anyway, if you are worried about keeping the inside of your Typ 3 warm,
that is probably another issue.  I would only wonder what happens in the
summer time when the same insulation would help to keep the heat in.

When I rebuilt my engine last summer, I covered the entire underside of the
rear cargo area with a sound killing, fire-proof material a friend gave me.
He works in a ship yard (yes, we still have them in Finland) and it is the
same stuff cruise ships have around the exhaust systems to reduce noise and
keep heat in the exhaust.  It also is extremely dense for only being 2cm
thick - sort of like a lead blanket feeling.  I guess that it has somewhat
reduced engine noise (carb sucking especially), but I am not sure that this
is a good thing; I like the sound of a Typ 3 engine!

There you have it.


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