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[T3] Insulation in the doors.....

I've been doing some work on the door panels the last couple of days and I
had a thought.

The doors do not have any type of insulation in them what ,5 I've
been thinking I might visit a local construction site and see it I can beg
some fiberglass insulation. 

Anyone ever try doing this or something like it? 

I suppose one of the only problems will be the window when rolled down. I
would either have to only fill the bottom or find a way to hold it out of
the way of the window.

I've also considered a more drastic measure. The spray in type insulation,
not sure what it's called. When sprayed in it expands and turns into
styro-foam like material. The nice thing with that is it's easy to "carve"
out an area for the window and such. The only reason I don't like it though
is the fact that it's semi-permanent. Once you put it in it would be a bear
to get it out again.

The only other thing would be a product that another guy told me about a
couple of years ago. He called it dyna-mat (not sure of spelling) and said
that's exactly what it was made for. It's supposed to be fairly thin and
flat and perfect for putting in doors and other air spaces to reduce noise.

Any thoughts on my ramblings here? Suggestions?


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