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[T3] European Typ 3 Meeting.


I have been in touch with a friend of mine from the Typ 3 Liebhaber IG in
Germany about this year's 'treffen', to be held near Wolfsburg in July.
After having missed this event in the Netherlands and Altensteig, Germany
the past two years, I have decided that I have to be at the meeting this
time around.  I have discussed this possibility with Richard Visser from
The Hague, and I sw™÷ed to get in touch with some other Europeans as
well about it.

>From what I have heard from Germany, this should be a pretty big happening.
Hopefully some listees will be there as well.

I am making plans to take my Square on a freighter from Helsinki to
Travemunde (Baltic coast of Germany) and skip then entire 850 kilometer, 3
ferry, police infested adventure through Sweden and Denmark.  I have done
that drive a few too many times already and with gas costing $4.95 a gallon
in the Kingdom of Sweden, I can think of better ways to blow money on board
a ship cruising through the Baltic.

>From Travemunde, I will head south to meet a few Germans from the Typ 3
Liebhaber.  I also plan to stop a few German Volkswagen shops near and
around Hamburg, but will head on down the autobahn in time to make it to
the meeting on Thursday evening.

If there is anyone else planning to come from Sweden, Denmark (are there
any Danes on the list?), Norway or the Benelux countries, please speak up
soon!  Lets make some plans to caravan together.

Mail your thoughts to the list or get in touch with me personally.  I would
really like to meet some of the fantastic people that make up our small Typ
3 world!

Happy motoring.


Patrick Joel Morton
Rauhankatu 28 as 27
FIN -- 20100  TURKU
Finland, E.U.

Home of the V-Wauhtipiste Volkswagens!

                 - "Kraft durch Freude" -

1963 Beetle (Helmut) - Deluxe Limousine
1967 Variant (Urs) - Squareback
1970 Beetle (Otto) - Sunroof Limousine

"We have everything but misery, because that
can't be bought with money."
   - Kai Lehto, October 1998

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