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[T3] wolfsburg

peter:  you are correct.  the VW museum is indeed at wolfsburg, just east of
hannover.  perhaps your brother is thinking of the porsche factory and
museum in stuttgart?

i was there in the summer of '95.  i first went to the factory to get a
tour, but i got there too late and the tours were over for the day.  but
then they pointed me to the museu*xl²was still open.  i spent the rest
of the afternoon in there.  they had to call out the janitor to mop up the
trail of drool i left.  i was a water-cooled driver back then ('84 GTI) so i
paid more attention to the wet-ones.  but of course, the place was chock
full of beetles, things, and buses (oh my).  can't remember if there were
any type III's though (sorry....).  let me know if you need any other info.
i might have a brochure or something buried with my memorabilia from that

jason m. land
'71 squareback - huey

Where is the VW factory and factory museum in Germany? My brother

insists this is in a suburb outside Stuttgart, and that is what I

remember as a kid (military brat). But when I look at my atlas, I see

Wolfsburg up north nearer Hanover. Are there two towns with the same


Peter Parker

'66 Square; Phillip

Portland, OR

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