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Re: [T3] Pressure in water bottle.....

As you say, Per, there are so many different models around.  Looking at my
info, it should read "From '71-on....", ie Aug '70.

A check in the Parts book gives 361-955-979 for the Variant washer bottle
valve, from Aug 67 to July 70 for reduced air capacity bottles (M62 and
M617), and from Aug '70 for all models (361-368), and 311 955 979B for the
Fastback/Notchback models (311 - 318).

My '71 Variant 1600A, and another two biq(successive days, all have
the red caps, and the 56 psi sticker on the mounting panel.  They are
perfectly normal Variants with double-joint axles (940kg rear axle load),
not the ones strengthened for goods carriage.
Rear tyre pressures for the Variant I are 37 psi for radials when fully
loaded, which is why the valve in the water bottle has a higher cut-off
pressure (when no more air is taken from the spare) to leave enough air in
it for an emergency.  The pressure for the Sedan (Fastback/Notchback) is
given as 27 psi fully laden.

The Variant II has a full-load rear tyre pressure of 45 psi.  I don't know
if it requires an even higher rated cut-off valve for its washer.  Perhaps
that is the reason for the reduced air-volume washer bottle).  I don't know
if any Variant IIs were imported to the UK, as fleet operators chose
cheaper British cars.

As far as the larger brake calipers are concerned, do you mean the 4-pot
calipers common in Sweden from '72, or the 411-size used from Aug 71?  If
the latter, it's useful to know that Volve 240 rear pads fit, as they are
not the easiest to find.
We had a lot of fun a few months ago on the 4-pot thread, and how to bleed
the 6 nipples on each caliper.

UK VW Type 3&4 Club
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From: Per Lindgren <lindgre@online.no>
To: type3 <type3@vwtype3.org>
Date: 02 March 1999 01:13
Subject: Re: [T3] Pressure in water bottle.....

>Dave Hall wrote:
>> Don't know what the bottle for the '64 would need, but 40 psi should do.
>> For '70-on, 42 psi is usual for Notch and Fastback (black cap), and 56
>> for Squareback (red cap).

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