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Re: [T3] Pressure in water bottle.....

On 2 Mar 99, at 2:13, Per Lindgren wrote:

> there is still an issue not covered, the late model Variant I and
> Variant II.... The Variant I has the same mechanical parts as the Notch &
> Fast, while the Variant is a HD model, allowing the car to carry another
> 90 kgs of load on the rear axle, the II uses 8pr tires, instead of the 6pr
> tires for the I model, and 4pr tires for the Notch & Fast. According to my
> '73 Owners manual, the II also used swingaxles, instead of IRS system. The
> Variant II also use bigger brakes than the Variant I, I now this first
> hand, as I had some trouble finding the right brake parts for my '73
> Variant.... Every catalogue listed the Variant as using different pads,
> calipers, master cylinder etc. than the Notch & Fast, but I have the same
> brake system as the Notch & Fast. The black cap is for the general models,
> while the red cap is for II models

I'm confused. Do you think you have the Variant I or the Variant II? 
Here in the US, all the models imported used the same parts in the 
same years. I went to the microfilm to see what you were talking 
about and found to my surprise that, yes, there were swing axles made 
after 196(were M 263:

      F  367 000 001--                                  361-368

I had never understood what that was all about before now. Thanks for 
the insight. But, BTW, all the late IRS Variants sold in the US came 
with red reservoir caps.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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