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Re: [T3] Oil Pressure Light.

On 1 Mar 99, at 14:54, Robert Braun wrote:

> When I drive the fasty awhile.... say about an hour on the freeway....
> everything is fine.... then I'll get off the freeway... come to a
> stoplight... throw her into neutral and filcker flicker... the oil
> pressure light comes one... the second I put her into any gear.... it goes
> off.... this only happens when driven awhile.... and only when I slow
> down... and only when in neutral.... oil level fine...

This is probably just normal for a somewhat old tired engine. Is this 
an automatic? Or when you say that the light goes out when you put it 
in gear do you mean when you are driving.
> on a side note.... the generator light does not come on when the key
> is in the "on" position... well.. it doesn't come on at all for that
> matter... where should I start looking?

Check under the back seat to make sure that there is a blue wire 
connected to the voltage regulator. Pull that wire off and see if 
your generator light comes on when the key is ON and you short the 
blue wire to ground (it should.) If not, learn how to remove the fuel 
gauge cluster and check that bulb.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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