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Re: [T3] Pressure in water bottle.....

Sorry, seems I didn't make clear what I was looking for. 

My set-up had the water-bottle with the schraeder (did I spell it right
this time?) valve right on top of the bottle. It does not use pressure from
the tire to push the water. 

For this±®¨§I was reluctant to simply start pumping air and see where I
ended up. I have to admit that the suggested pressures that I have been
getting seem a bit high to me. The bottle looks like it's in good shape but
I'm still afraid I'll blow it up if I get carried away.


> From: Per Lindgren <lindgre@online.no>
> To: type3 <type3@vwtype3.org>
> Subject: Re: [T3] Pressure in water bottle.....
> Date: Monday, March 01, 1999 6:13 PM
> Dave Hall wrote:
> > Don't know what the bottle for the '64 would need, but 40 psi should
> > For '70-on, 42 psi is usual for Notch and Fastback (black cap), and 56
> > for Squareback (red cap).  The higher pressure is dictated by the need
> > leave more air in the spare in case it is needed.  It's very difficult
> > here to find the higher rated tops for the Variant (sorry, Squareback).
> >
> Dave, I wont agree fully here. After my long explanation about different
> models, there is still an issue not covered, the late model Variant I and
> Variant II.... The Variant I has the same mechanical parts as the Notch &
> while the Variant is a HD model, allowing the car to carry another 90 kgs
> load on the rear axle, the II uses 8pr tires, instead of the 6pr tires
for the
> I model, and 4pr tires for the Notch & Fast. According to my '73 Owners
> the II also used swingaxles, instead of IRS system. The Variant II also
> bigger brakes than the Variant I, I now this first hand, as I had some
> finding the right brake parts for my '73 Variant.... Every catalogue
listed the
> Variant as using different pads, calipers, master cylinder etc. than the
> & Fast, but I have the same brake system as the Notch & Fast. The black
cap is
> for the general models, while the red cap is for II models
> BTW, the front brake pads for my '73 turned out to be the same pads as
the rear
> pads of Volvo 240s. (Discs of course)
> PerL
> '73 Variant L (I)
> '68 1300
> '88 Vanagon Syncro
> -------------------------------------³Ü©a----------------------
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