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[T3] Y'all are a bunch of cool volks!

Last weekend at the Custom HotRod show I got to meet Phillip Bradfield and
Saturday I got to meet Dave Timmons.

Phillip, his son (a.k.a. "Get Back Over Here"), my friends, and I checked
some really spectacular rods -- us DarkSiders pale in comparison to the high
level of detail that was displayed there!  Phillip drove my Jetta and liked
extra UMPH the new computer chip gives the engine (he's getting one for his
Jetta as well :)  He told me about his chopped Square and we found the
DarkSide engine for either of our cars...a twin-turbo Chevy V-8 with enough
horsepower to shear all the teeth off the gears of a stock VW tranny with
one stomp of the gas pedal  :)

Dave got to see my baby, all up in the air and engine on stand.  He showed
pictures of the work going into his baby -- WOW.  If anyone wants their car
look and be like it was when it was new then you want to pester Dave to do
for you or ask him about what's involved!  Dave was also the first person to
the new decals being applied to my Jetta (the artist came to my garage) so
has a little of that "racer-boy" look (pictures will eventually get up on my

Of course I got to meet more volks during my end-of-summer trip to the Texas
show (no Brian, I *still* don't want to go there again unless we have an
air-conditioned RV with litres and litres of beer ;)   Peter Parker and I
met several times at local VW shows -- he evenā²[Ļ a ride in his
and, wow, what a feeling!  His ride looks great for a stocker and has that
comforting, familiar stock engine sound.

I'm looking forward to this summer, attending more shows (even if just a
spectator with my Jetta), and meeting more Type IIIers.  Y'all are the
group of volks to talk with!

   Toby Erkson
   air_cooled_nut@pobox.com  <-- Please use this address for email
   '72 VW Squareback 1.6L bored and stroked to 2.0L, Berg five-speed
   '75 Porsche 914 1.8L, R.I.P., ORPCA member
   '95 VW Jetta III GL 2.0L, P-Chipped, Jamex sport suspension
   Portland, Oregon, http://www.pobox.com/~toby_erkson/

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