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Re: [T3] so whats this? a junkyard curiosity

Much to the shock of most of us, the name "Variant" was used through '73
for the Type three "Squareback" (the US- Only name) and the name is STILL
used for the Passat, stationwagon-like model.  (That would be the "Passat

The "Variant" badge was made for the German Market only.

So, it is not pre-1965 only, but it WAS the badge on all (what US called)
Squarebacks before 1965.  After 1965, they put a "1500" badge in it's place
for US imports.

Why?  The US had a model called "Valliant" and VW thought that would be too
confusing.  So, they called it "Squareback" as opposed to the "Fastback"
model that was just introduced by VW.  The "Notchback was never OFFICIALLY
imported by Volkswagen. (This is a WHOLLY different thread...)

There was never a badge "Squareback".

So, the US technically only had the "Squareback" and "Fastback" and the
Notches and T-34 Ghias came over by private (other) means.

Your 1966 Variant was probably a German Squareback. (You didn't mention
where it/you live)

Hopefully this helps.

Big Al

>In a message dated 2/24/99 8:59:12 PM US Mountain Standard Time,
>tdapper@value.net writes:
>         Volkswagen
>           Variant
>              S
> 1965 or earlier.
> Tim Dapper
>mine is a 66 and it has the variant s badges....


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