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Re: [T3] Rear brakes binding

It could be fluid not returning from the wheel cylinders die to a partial
blockage in the brake lines - usually hoses, but affecting both rear brakes
might mean the pipe down the centre.  Did they bleed easily, with fluid
dripping out just under gravity?  Should do.
I assume the e/brake is correctly adjusted, and the weather hasn't suddenly
got colder, causing the cable to shrink and tighten.

The other frequent cause is lack of the 1mm pushrod movement (about 1/2" at
the pedal) before the pushrod touches the piston inside.

You may have a build up of dirt (rubber particles) inside the master
cylinder which blocks discs with small holes which act as valves.  This is
so in later master cyls, but yours is very early, so I'm not too sure
without finding the manual for that system.
If you are confident in your ability to clean out and reassemble the master
cylinder, use meths to clean things, and brake fluid for a reassembly
lubricant, then fit it, bleed it and test it thoroughJ .safe way!

UK VW Type 3&4 Club
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Subject: [T3] Rear brakes binding

> Hello.  This in regards to my '63 Notchback rear drum brakes.
> I've noticed that after about 40 minutes of driving, the rear brakes
begin to bind.

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