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FW: [T3] Am I expecting too much?

If it is lowered that is no reason to not buy it.  It is very easy to
reverse the lowering process.  A dash pad is <$100 for a new aftermarket
one.  These aren't Volvo's so there is no under dash cover to cover all the
wires.  They just t7{ly under the dash but if you were look under the
dash you would still see wires.  There is a small black cover that you could
have in the center to cover a few of the wires but I have only seen one in
about 15 different type threes I have owned.
	Lets not forget that the Weber 32/36 carb is actually made to cut
the engine cover.  If the only thing that is cut is the engine cover then
you could easily pick up a set of carbs for around $150 and I have an extra
engine cover for $25.  None of the things listed is irreversible.  Be
concerned when the problems are body mods or the like.  There aren't that
many of these left and they have been around 30 years for someone to
butcher.  Besides other than Chevy VW have one of the largest aftermarkets.
That is why some people buy them...to customize.

Thank You,

Jason Renville .......Jasle Lagra

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> Subject: 	[T3] Am I expecting too much?
> I am looking for a 67-69 squarebak with a manual transmission that
> hasn't been vandalized.
> Today I looked at 2.  On the first one the guy lowered it without
> considering the need of front wheels to move so that the car could
> turn.  The trasmission was also shit.
> On the second one the guy put in carbs.  To do this he cut a hole in
> the cover of the engine compartment and build a little housing over
> it, and the panels that chould go under the dash (I assume I'm not
> supposed to see a bunch of wires hanging there) were gone.
> I've yet to see one with a dashpad.
> Are these people maniacs?  Is this common?
> If I bought both of them I probably could have made a decent car out
> of them, but I'm looking for something for daily driving.
> I'm done venting now.
> Edmond Dantes
> phydeaux@home.com
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