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Re: [T3] Am I expecting too much?

I feel your pain.

I keep reading these horror stories about engine covers chopped for Type I
carb setups, but I thankfully have not been subjected to such visual horror.
Trashed suspensions are a more common sight to mine eyes. For every one well
done custom ride you see in the glossy magazines, there must be five dozen
backyard mutilations. Yes, they are maniacs to the 9th degree.

I have much to complain about on my '69 such as rear hood hinge that is
nearly worn through, rust under the roof gutter, horrible paint, worn out
rear window defroster, cracked dashpad, and on and on, but it has never been
trashed with insane modifications such as you describe.

Should I decide to sell this car in the future, I hope to offer it to those
people on the list that can appreciate a nearly bone stock ride such as

Nathan Jacobsen
'62 NB
'69 SB M/T
ICQ #38633286

> I am looking for a 67-69 squarebak with a manual transmission that
> hasn't been vandalized.
> Today I looked at 2.  On the first one the guy lowered it without
> considering the need of front wheels to move so that the car could
> turn.  The trasmission was also shit.
> On the second one the guy put in carbs.  To do this he cut a hole in
> the cover ofAine compartment and build a little housing over
> it, and the panels that chould go under the dash (I assume I'm not
> supposed to see a bunch of wires hanging there) were gone.
> I've yet to see one with a dashpad.
> Are these people maniacs?  Is this common?
> If I bought both of them I probably could have made a decent car out
> of them, but I'm looking for something for daily driving.
> I'm done venting now.

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