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Re: [T3] Automatic transmission

On 30 Jul 99, at 12:08, Michael and Lauren Pursley wrote×:Xtz has something of a nasty auto tranny slip, for
> one, it won't stay in Park, for another thing, it has a weird little slip
> into 3rd from 2nd (it sounds like: Whiirrrrr...Whiiirrr... chachunk)
> (Imagine rpm revving sounds, then, into gear).  Wazzup with that?  I think
> we'd diagnosed a loose cable "when we last left our hero", which we tried
> to tighten, but to no avail.  Is there a replacement cable for this 

The thing that HOLDS the cable in P is in the shift lever mechanism. 
If that lock has been worn away by someone who did not undersand that 
the knob needed to be lifted to get if out of park then you will 
either have to repair the lever mechanism or replace it. I have a 
good one here if you need it.

If the lever locks in place, but the tranny still doesn't want to 
stay in P then the cable need to be adjusted. The instructions for 
adjusting this are in the Bentley manual, which you should have 

Bad shifts can ba caused by several things: check your ATF level with 
the engine warm and running in Neutral. Check the ATF smell and drain 
it and check/clean the strainer. Check the Vacuum modulator 
adjustment--see the Bentley manual--this is somewhat involved.


Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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