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Re: [T3] Towing.

I have experience to the contrary.  I have only towed with rear wheels on
the ground.  All cars were manual.  For the notchbacks that I towed, I used
a fixed homemade bumper replacement towbar.  This had only one hinge for
up/down movement and of course the pivot at the ball on the truck.  When
using the only available truck (nissan 4cyl.) it worked fine with very
alert driving, many miles and fast speeds.  I have done fasts with this
setup as well.

Recently I picked up a squareback and towed it with a uhaul two wheel
dolly.Ԛegain with the front wheels foward.  I pulled it with a strong
dodge ram or something to that nature.  The towing situation became
violently unstable at some speeds and this condition seemed to be amplified
while going down hill.  I think it can be explained dynamically by having a
large mass (engine) on the end of a bar, with a little excitement and
correct pivots, it will go unstable.

Just my experience.  I used to think it was a no brainer till I looked in
the rear view, saw people behind me pulling off the road while the back end
of the square was oscillating at amplitudes on the order of feet.

Good luck,

>Here is the consensus of the group regarding towing.
>Manual Transmission - 
>Can be towed with the rear wheels on the ground without any problem. 

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