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Re: [T3] My new fastback

On 28 Jul 99, at 20:32, Simeon Bateman wrote:

> So I got home and started looking it over.  the rubber tube that
> connects the oil filler cap to the oil filler tube on the engine seemed to
> be leaking by the edge where it connects to the metal tube of the engine. 
> So I went ahead and put a clamp on it and drove to work.  Well it apeared
> that there was a little bit of pressure in there, because it put a new
> hole in the rubber tube.  in my bugs the oil filler mount has an over flow
> tube for pressure relief.  do type III have one of these? I am loosing a
> lot of oil and it seems to me at least that this is where to start.

There are several possibilities, but you need to check out the 
breather first. The 72-3 breather is different from all the earlier 
ones. Your black breather box will have TWO plastic caps in the top, 
and NO hose running to the air cleaner. 

You can pop open both caps and inspect╗×─éu find down there.
Like all years, gasses from the crankcase come up the large hole, but 
for 72-3 they are sucked down a valve under the small cap, through a 
red (I think) hose and forward through an orifice built into the 
front cover of the intake air distributor.

You should check the caps, the valve, the hose, and the orifice to 
make sure that air can pass through each of them AND that they are 
all there.

It is possible that they are all fine, but that the blowby from the 
hill climb just overwhelmed the system. If this is the case you 
should make sure everything is in good tune and then check the 
compression with the engine warm. 72-3 have lower compression, so it 
can be as low as 100 psi. If 1 is much lower than the rest, then that 
may be your problem.

You should also measure what kind of gas mileage you are getting. 
This can help identify some easy to fix problems in the FI. Post your 
numbers here.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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