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Re: [T3] ACK! What did I do????

Take a piece of solid, not stranded copper wire about six inches long.
Strip about a 1 inch section in the middle & bend it back & forth until you
break it.  Or you can just imagine that.  It's called work hardening.  What
the annealing does is bring it back to (or close to) its original temper.
If you stopped bending or working the wire just before it broke & heated it
up with your Zippo & then doused it, it would be substantially closer to
it's original strength & flexibility.

Sump washers?  Not sure how beneficial it is, but you can imagine how copper
spark plug gaskets can lose their resiliency if they're not annealed.  How
many of you have pulled threads out of a spark plug bore?  The spark plug is
harder than the head.  The copper gasket is softer than the head.  So the
copper gasket is the crushable metal that accepts & holds the torque.  Hard
gasket=threads in head are taking all the torque & are likely to either let
loose of the plug or let loose of the head.

At least that's how I understand it.

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>What exactly is the benefit of annealing copper?
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>> On 27 Jul 99, at 9:44, Michael Geurink wrote:
>> > Procedure is actually kind of fun.  I string them on a coat hanger &
>> > up cherry red with a nicely balanced oxy-acetylene flame.  (Wouldn't
>want to
>> > be adding unnecessary carbon.)  I hold them at that temperature for
>about 30
>> > seconds before dropping them in a bucket of water.
>> Annealing copper takes no time, just get to the temp (just barely
>> glowing is MORE than hot enough for copper) and for astonishingly
>> beautiful results drop them in alcohol without allowing them to cool
>> at all.
>> Jim
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