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Re: [T3] Front sway bar

I just put in a sway - away brand front sway bar.  you need to get new,
longer shock bolts, nuts and lock washers.  they should be a high grade
(anyone know exactly?).  Also, where my bar was supposed to mount to the
pan, was right below the pedal cluster on one side and behind that little
foot plate for the passenger's side.

The pan isn't super stiff there, so i made something to stiffen the install.
i put a 1/4 inch by 6 inches by about 2 feet piece of aluminum across the
pan, so that the supplied square u-bolts sandwich it to my pan.  For added
stiffness and solidity, i put two aluminum squares on the top side of the
pan so that it sandwiches down on the pan also.  This gives the stiffness
that you will need.  if yours mounts in the same place as mine and you don't
have anything but the little plates they give you, you may notice your pan
flexing below your feet when the sway bar does it's job.

yours may be different from mine and this may all be useless, but you'll
have to see where it hits the pan when you put the shock bolt adapters on.

Dan Hoopes
'67 Square, "Stanley"
Provo, Utah

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> I picked  up a front sway bar for my square at last show.  I want to know
> the pros and cons of  installing them.
> Thorkhild
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