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Well gang, this is my first entry into this list.  I have had several
bugs and a couple of buses but i just purchased a 72 fastback.

for those of you who were asking about who was going to the portland
show last sunday, I went, and if anybody saw the orange thing with the
orange fastback behind it.  well that is the one i bought.  I seem to
run well and have an ok tranny.

So here is the deal.  as i drove it home and I was commming up I-5
towards the terwileger curves( just a slight incline over about a mile)
I started to smoke pretty heavy.  I was worried but as the hill evened
out the smoke went away and no more problems.  Well my parents were
driving behind me and so I have a litte more info.  there windshield
was lightly covered in spats of oil. and they said that the smoke
apeared to be coming off the 1 and 2 cylinder side.

So I got home and started looking it over.  the rubber tube that
connects the oil filler cap to the oil filler tube on the engine seemed
to be leaking by the edge where it connects to the metal tube of the
engine.  So I went ahead and put a clamp on it and drove to work.  Well
it apeared that there was a little bit of pressure in there, because it
put a new hole in the rubber tube.  in my bugs the oil filler mount has
an over flow tube for pressure relief.  do type III have one of these? 
I am loosing a lot of oil and it seems to me at least that this is
where to start.

keep in mind that the smoke does appear to be coming off that side. but
I don't know much about the type III setup.  it still has the stock
fuel injection and stuff so...

any way... Please let me know ANYTHING THAT MIGHT HELP or anything that
you would like to pass on to a new type III owner.

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