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Re: [T3] Red & Blackie

On 28 Jul 99, at 16:08, DGaries808@aol.com wrote:

> The bushing was wallowed out inside the transmission, just as he said it
> would be.  He got the old bushing out with a tap.  He installed the new
> bushing with a distributor puller-outer.  He put grease on it, installed a
> 6-Volt bug starter (on a 12-Volt system), and it cranked right up.  The
> starter spun rapidly, but no mores than would be expected from using a
> 6-Volt starter on a 12-Volt system.  The old bushing had about 1/2 inch of
> brass missing throughout its length.  The car had the points closed, it
> has 6-volt chokes BTW, and it still needs the carbs and valves adjusted. 

The starter bushing is an oft neglected part, but replacing it is 
often necessary after all these years. I now have a special slide 
hammer that pulls these with one end and installs them with the 

I believe the electric chokes are expensive and sought after, but if 
you leave your 6V units hooked up to the 12 V system they will soon 
be toast. Replace them NOW, unless it's already too late, and sell 
them to one of the many people out there who needs some 6 volters.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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