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Re: [T3] rear view mirror

> Take your old one and make the bug one look just like it and then
> use some hammer - type rivets (not pop - rivets) from your local hardware
> store to put the new rubber on the chrome.

You can use small pop-rivets, but you will need to knock back out the
remains of the mandrel and tap the extra shoulder flat.

Is the Type 1 section as deep between the glass and the bright-work frame
as the Type 3?

UK VW Type 3&4 Club
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Subject: Re: [T3] rear view mirror

> Just grab the mirror by the stem and pull hard down and towards the back
> the car.  It should pop out with a little effort.  I used late bug window
> scrapers and just cut them a little to get them to fit right.  They are
> more easily available and cheap!  After taking out your old one, drill
> the rivets that hold it to the chrome (or on the new piece if you get new
> chromeWorks great and mine have lasted
> for 6 years and look new!
> Dan Hoopes
> dan@ewed.net
> '67 Square (Stanley)
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> Subject: [T3] rear view mirror

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