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Re: [T3] oil mess continued...

On 27 Jul 99, at 16:48, Charlie wrote:

> O.K., a week or so ago I recounted the sad tail of what turned out to be a
> blown oil seal.  Well, those seals have been replaced but I am still
> leaking, albeit more slowly than before.  For my life I cannot find this
> leak, but I am certain a part of it stems from the underside of the
> cooler.  However, I also have oil in my generator  and all down in the
> cooling fan housing.

Oil that gets into the fan housing will be blown into the generator 
with the generator cooling air. So the question is: How is oil 
getting into the fan housing? It's either some that someone poured in 
there, or its leaking out the tail of the case and being spread out 
in the housing by the fan. This is unusual. Is your crankcase 
breather functioning correctly? Do you have a lot of crankshaft free 

> Any ideas?  I'm smoking like a mother!!!!  And I need this engine to get
> me the fall....  A new engine is in the works, but it will take some time
> before I can gather all the parts and assemble her.
> If it is 1B oil cooler that is giving me problems.... could that
> account for the oil in the generator?


If you look on the very bottom of your fan housing you will find a 
~1/8" drain hole in the split. Run a wire up this to clear out any 
debris that might be clogging it up. Do you get oil pouring out?

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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