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Re: [T3] Confusing balljoints

On 27 Jul 99, at 21:08, Henrik Larsson wrote:

> I was looking in one of the boxes with parts that came together with my
> 1964 Notch and I found three new balljoints. I have understood that my car
> (VIN 259190) has the older style balljoints and that cars built later in
> 1964 have the new style.
> The boxes containing the balljoints have hand-written labels, which are a
> bit confusing:
> Lower balljoint - VW 1500 1962-1965
> Upper balljoint - VW 1500, 1600 1961-1967
> Does this make sense? Is there any way to identify if the balljoints are
> correct for my car (without dissasembling the car of course :-) )?

I THINK the tapered fit into the torsion arms didn't change, but that 
the cylindrical fit into the steering knuckles got bigger. I measured 
a pair of late ones and the uppers are 16mm, lowers are 18mm. What 
are yours?

> By the way, will my old style balljoints prevent me from using later
> disc-brake spindles?

If I'm right about what changed, you should be able to switch to 
disks if you also switched to the late ball joints.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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