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Re: [T3] Old Cali Plates

1963 was the first year for black plates.  In 1964 you got a sticker to paste over the '63'.  Call the DMV - they do not reissue black plates, but they will reactivate a black plate on the car it was originally issued to, although you are going to need a special person to help you if you admit to an intermediate out of state registration.  Lots of people in California mount non-current plates on’NIßars for show, and then put the real plate on when on the road.  You will also see some plates painted with the wrong colors, i.e. a black plate in the form 'nnn aaa' (which is really a blue plate) or any vanity plate that is black, for the only black vanity plates were for amateur radio numbers.

Good luck

Tim Dapper

> Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 14:03:56 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Greg Merritt <gregm@vwtype3.org>
> To: type3@vwtype3.org
> Subject: Re: [T3] Old Cali Plates
> Original question (with more data...)
> o My '69 Squareback lived in L.A. & had black & gold plates when I bought
> it in 1997.  (Curiously, the plates have "63" stamped in the upper right,
> so they were probably off an older car before appearing on the '69 --
> which I bought from the first owner.  These plates were presumably on the
> car for its first 29 years.)
> o It's been in Michigan, registered in Michigan, with Michigan title &
> plates for the past two years.
> o I just moved back to California, and need to register it here.  I would
> like to reinstall the black & gold plates that I removed from it two years
> ago.
> 	Apparently, the best I can do is walk into the DMV with the old
> plates, the current MI reg & title, and perhaps an old California
> registration and beg for mercy.  Thom Fitzpatrick believes, though, that I
> haven't got a chance since the plates are actually too old to have been
> correct when the car was new.  I won't draw attention to the "63" stamped
> in the plates.
> 	This may just end up being my opportunity to buy modern vanity
> plates.  Oh well.  (What do vanity plates cost?)
> -Greg

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