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Re: [T3] finish paint job...

Have you wet sanded between coats?  For the final finish, I usually
wet sand to 2000 grit, then go on to the power buffing with the
different compounds.  I've tried going from 600 grit, but the results
weren't quite as good.  You've got to get all the bumps and scratches
out, or buffing just isn't going to get a good finish. Your body shop
supply should be able to help with rubbing and buffing compounds.&en using Meguire's various compounds and wax, they're available
at the local auto parts place at a significant discount over what the
body shop supply sells them. They don't carry the heavy-duty starting
compounds, though.  There's other good brands, too.

 I've seen some pretty horrible jobs that people considered good from
body shops(orange peel and scratches) and paid big bucks for, I can do
better myself.   You'll need a pretty good buffer, I use a 12" DeWalt
that they don't make anymore, but whatever you get, you'll need a
bunch of covers.  If you need some muscles, you can cut down and buff
out by hand, I tried doing it.  After a morning of it and only getting
a 2' square section sort of looking good, I bought the buffer.  You
may have to go back and wet sand parts that looked good before, but
buffing brought  out the pits and scratches.  The biggest thing with
the power buffer is that it's really easy to cut through edges, like
the rain rail area and the hood ridge.  It takes a little practice to
keep it moving and not cut down one area more than another.  You'll
have to do the sharp edges and corners by hand, too.  It's tedious to
do, but that's why the paint shops get the big bucks for good jobs.

You might profitably make acquaintance with the auto repair section of
the library, too.  There's some good books out there on basic painting
and body work, Haynes has some good ones out.

On Tue, 27 Jul 1999 09:58:29 -0400, you wrote:

>A quick question....
>I just finished putting 5 coats of PPG "Meloncholy blue" on my notch,
>and was wondering what to do from here?
>What do I do to get the finish all nice and smooth?
>What do I buff it with?

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