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Re: [T3] ACK! What did I do????

>I have an old manual that explains that the copper sump stud washers
should be annealed with a torch before reusing.


We aircraft mechanic types anneal the copper spark plug gaskets on our
birds' 2 plugs per head.  New plugs come with new gaskets, but if we're
doing an annual or 100 hr. inspection or anytime we do a compression check,
these babies should be put back to near original condition.  You guys know
what kind of a harsh environment these aircooled operate in.  With the
temperature changes, expansion & contraction while under compression, and
vibration these can get work hardened & lose their temper.  Wouldn't want to
lose a plug & maybe an engine just for a little 5 minute annealing.
Procedure is actually kind of fun.  I string them on a coat hanger & heat'em
up cherry red with a nicely balanced oxy-acetylene flame.  (Wouldn't want to
be adding unnecessary carbon.)  I hold them at that temperature for about 30
seconds before dropping them in a bucket of water.

Sump washers I would think are much less punished, but with the copper
annealing's probably not a bad idea if you're not replacing them.


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