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[T3] cigarete lighter/ cell phone capability

Like any caring siginificant other, I want mine to have access to a cell 
phone if anything should ever happen to her or the car while she's driving it 
alone....it's her daily drive after all.  A while back I picked up a cig 
lighter that I thought was for T3's (thanks Sonny) and the time has come to 
put it in.  I looked in the bentley and didnt find anything regarding 
cigarette lighters.  The only thing I found that might be related was that 
one of the fuses (#12?) was for accessories.  Were the cig lighters dealer 
added accessories?  I dont really know where one would mount.  There 
certainly arent any holes big enough in our dash for one.  I had planed on 
extending the length of the wire from it and tucking it in the glove box.  
That way she can keep the cell phone plugged into it and have it handy should 
she ever need it.

The  Cig lighter I have is very simple.  It has the housing that the actual 
lighter slides into and a wire coming off it that has a female connector 
(spade connector?) on the end.  That's it.  I'm guessing the wire needs to go 
to an always hot source, but what are my options? 

it's going into the fuel injected 71 Notch if that makes a difference

Any help appreciated

71 Square
71 Notch

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