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[T3] Oil Pressure Problem

>-----Original Message-----
>i own a 67 fastback with a 6 month old GEX 1641 with a weber
>progressive 2 
>barrel, 110 cam, full flow oil pump
>after about 30 min of driving my oil pressure gusge will drop to
>0 at an idle and only 20 lbs at 2000rpm's. i do notice a lag
>on the motor
>expecially on accelleration
>i not”}ű1 the intake bellow is torn
>all the volks folks say don't worry unless your oil light comes on
>well it does but only after log periods of driving ad only at idle
>i plan on installing a 4 pass oil cooler to correct this
>where is the best place to mount this?

GEX?  Do you know much about small claims court?  

Weber progressive might explain the lag.  What size idle jet do
you have installed in it?  Or perhaps you are talking about cold weather,
hmm?  In the case of cold weather, we need to know if you have a heat
riser setup.

You need to solve the oil pressure problem.  The four pass tube and fin
cooler is useless for cooling.  The plate style cooler isn't going to
solve this problem either, though it would help with cooling.  If you live
in a temperate climate zone, a cooler installation is incomplete without
thermostatically controlled bypass valve to allow the engine to come up to
temperature.  Also, a fan is necessary if you want cooling when the engine
needs in most, which is typically when ram air for the cooler is not

Fix/replace the bellows.

Try using more punctuation in your questions.  It would make understanding
and answering them easier.

Or, for self-help, the archives can be useful.  The type2 archives cover a
lot of common ground, and are easier to use (http://vw.i405.com).

Eric Forsman
Baltimore, MD

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