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Re: [T3] Factory 27mm wrench

You are correct, it is a pain and there are special wrenches for this - my
friend has a set that he found at a Thrift store (!).  This 27 mm wrench
does not fit the front drum brake setup on my '63, they are 24 mm.  It may
fit disc brake front ends?

The 2 wrenches that I have seen, one of them has a curved handle to hold the
inner nut easier.  I've been successful using 2 crescent wrenches on my Bus
but it's difficult.

Everett Barnes - Phx, AZ -  everettb@prodigy.net
VW Planet - http://thesamba.com/vw

>Any idea where a 27mm wrench would be useful?
>I'm no guru, so I'm not sure about this.  But I believe that is the size
>of the front wheel bearing nut.  If you've ever adjusted your front
>wheel bearings, there are two nuts.  The inside nut, and the outer nut
>to lock the inner nut.  Is anyone confused?  Well, if you've done this,
>it can be a little difficult holding the inner nut stationary while
>tightening the outer nut.  If the inner nut moves, it messes up the
>tightness of the bearing.  So the inner wrench has to be kind of thin.
>From the picture, not sure how thick this wrench is, but possibly for
>that procedure?

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