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Re: [T3] overheating?

If your gauge isnt the problem you have a real one!  Those gauges with the
long thin plastic tubes are not accurate with a long  tube.  Since your
seeing the oil light this suggests problems.  GEX is supposed to be good
but this is why I ALWAYS build my own... too many disaster stories. You
shouold never see any kind of an oil light with a new engine.  At 66K My
hottest and lowest Idle is nowhere near light.

BTW the weber progressive is a poor choice and may be diluting your oil by
running too rich.. something to check out too.

Sorry for the bad news but hopefully your still in the warrantee.


> From: Jason <ou812@t-three.com>
> To: type3@vwtype3.org
> Subject: [T3] overheating?
> Date: Sunday, July 25, 1999 5:28 PM
> i own a 67 fastback with a 6 month old GEX 1641 with a weber progressive
> barrel, 110 cam, full flow oil pump
> after about 30 min of driving my oil pressure gusge will drop to
> 0 at an idle and only 20 lbs at 2000rpm's. i do notice a lag on the motor
> expecially on accelleration
> i notice that the intake bellow is torn
> all the volks folks say don't worry unless your oil light comes on
> well it does but only after log periods of driving ad only at idle
> i plan on installing a 4 pass oil cooler to correct this
> where is the best place to mount this?
> any help with my 2 problems would b appreciated!
> Jason
> 67' fast
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
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