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Re: [T3] Okay all you light siders

If you did this, you'd have to get ALL the parts for the engine, not
just injectors.  Porsche controller, all the sensors AND injectors.
Otherwise, you'd probably be rich on one end and lean on the other.

What I rather see someone tackle is a CIS switchover.  K or KE
Jetronic. This was sort of written up in a British magazine a few
months back, but other than saying which cars you could get the parts
off of, it really didn't have much for operational details.  It was
oriented more towards the bug crowd, too.  The fuel metering unit
would be the hard™D­Ďhey made updraft and downdraft types, but no
side-draft.  Downdraft you could conceivably stick under a bug engine
cover but not under a T3 engine cover and get all the air connections
made.  Porsche used a Bosch CIS system when they went to electronic
fuel injection on the 911, so it can't be that much of a slouch for
performance...  The big thing is parts availability, there's a whole
raft of performance mods for Rabbit and later injection systems and
they're fairly cheap.

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>OK, I've been thinking about this since the last time this thread came up
>about how to get HP out of a FI system. It seems to me that it may be
>possible to use a higher flow injector with the rest of the stock FI parts
>on a 1.8 or 2.0 motor. I don't know which injectors would meet this
>equirement, but perhaps a 914 or Volvo or something Bosch other than VW
>would fit the bill.
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