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Re: [T3] Speaking of FI

Well, at least it's running, my PO wasn't able to get that far....
Your soot is probably from a rich condition, check the pressure sensor
hose and make sure it's connected at both ends, that's what usually
gets me.

It sounds like you're one tooth off on the drive.  Just make
absolutely certain you're at TDC when you check it.  I use a scribe
through #1 plug hole to find it while cranking it around with the
generator pulley.  Mine never idled at all when it was one tooth off,
either direction.  When I built my engine, I forgot to stick the
distributor drive in while it was still apart and I could see the
whole works.  Not fun doing it afterwards.  On mine I had to get the
special tool for pulling it, a magnet just didn't cut it.  I assume
you're cehcking things with the vacuum hose(s) off.

On Sat, 24 Jul 1999 18:06:23 -0600, you wrote:

>I've gotten my fastback running - okay, Idling pretty well.  I was having
>troubles with the plugs fouling almost immediately with black soot.  I got
>the injectors cleaned, checked the distributor as best I knew how, and made
>new paper gaskets for the intake runners.  Now, when I check my timing, it
>appears (with a strobo light) to be about 15-20 degrees to the left of where
>it should be.  I mean, the engine seems to run very well, but the marks just
>appear out in space, not near the case parting line.  I didn't have a chance
>to take it for a test drive, so I'll stick with my "idles well" story.  Any
>ideas on this timing?  As far as I can tell, and I dug th>d posts,
>the Bentley and Muir manuals the gear is in the right position.  I'm stuck,
>and I'll need something to daydream about until I get back to Yankeeland
>next month.  Ideas?
>Jake Kooser

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