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Re: [T3] Door adjustment

Nope. There is no rust. Neither on the floor nor the hinges. No damage
either.  I've tired to raise the door by loosening the hinges, but hasn't
helped. It works for, say, 10 times, and then I need to lift it to close it
again. I also played around with the locking mechanism. One can move it up
and down (side ways too). 
I think I will try adding some washers to the hinges. If that doesn't work,
I'll try bending the hinges.

67 Squareback

>> Does anyone know how to adjust the doors so that they close properly? I
>> can't close my passenger door from the inside. I need to do it form the
>> outside by pulling up while I close. It's kinda though. Any suggestions?
>Is your floor rusted out? Or has the car been damaged on that side?
>It's possible that the hinges have just been sprung. You could try to 
>loosen the  hinge bolts and raise the door, or add washers between 
>the hinge and the body on the lower hinge, or remove the door and 
>bend the lower hinge plate rearward (or the top one forward.) You 
>really need to look at everything and try to decide what is causing 
>your problem. Then you can apply the right solution.
>Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
>Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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