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Re: [T3] Switching Carbs to FI

On 24 Jul 99, at 10:27, Edmond Dantes wrote:

> One thing I Know is that I am not mechanic enough to deal with other
> peoples modifications.  I need the books.  I'm finding a lot of them
> have been changed to carborated engines.  I doubt the people who did
> it left documentation on how to deal with.

In fact they probably sold it because they could never get it to workZ When these cars were pretty common I used to be able to buy 
them easily and cheaply if they were poorly working. Usually the 
total repairs were less than $100 to get it back into perfect working 
condition. Eventually it got harder and harder as the cars became 
more and more cobbled with time. It's amazing what people will do and 
still claim that their "solution" was fine.

> I might have to get a modified one.  If I do so, how difficult is is
> to change it back to stock FI?  Am I going to have to scrounge for
> parts or can I buy new somewhere?  Did the later Type 1s use FI?

This list is your best resource. Depending on the year, I could 
probably put together a complete kit of FI parts for a type 3. Most 
cars won't even need ALL the parts.

> Also did VW sell many 3s in Mexico?  I live in San Diego so I might be
> able to go down there to get one, for parts at least knowing the
> Californias naziesque emission laws.

I'm not sure, but I'd be willing to bet that there were never FI type 
3s in Mexico. There are plenty of parts here, though. Just ask.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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