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Re: [T3] Switching Carbs to FI

Don't be concerned about getting a T3 that's been switched to carbs. If it
doesn't have the stock Solexes, you can find them used at swap meets or want
ads for $50 to $150 complete. Then you can follow the directions in the
official manual for the 1967 and earlier dual carb setups.

The changeover back to FI can be a bit tricky, but as long as you get all
the parts that are known to be in good working order, and take your time to
make sure all the wires are connected and all the fuel lines are leak free,
you will be impressed at how maintenance free your engine becomes and how
smoothly it runs. Of course, the same can be said about a good set of stock
carburators as well, so it's really up to you to choose which system you
want to use. Both work fine as long as you stick with the stock setups. If
you have trouble with either, the list folks will get you going again...

Nathan Jacobsen
'62 NB
'69 SB M/T
ICQ #38633286

> The More I Study these Type 3's the pickier I am getting.
> One thing I Know is that I am not mechanic enough to deal with other
> peoples modifications.  I need the books.  I'm finding a lot of them
> have been changed to carborated engines.  I doubt the people who did
> it left documentation on how to deal with.
> I might have to get a modified one.  If I do so, how difficult is is
> to change it back to stock FI?  Am I going to have to scrounge for
> parts or can I buy new somewhere?  Did the later Type 1s use FI?

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