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Re: [T3] Lowering and raising the suspension

On 23 Jul 99, at 12:05, Herman Haustein wrote:

> O.K. I kinda gave op on raising the rear suspension ,it's not that bad
> anyway. I decided "just" to do the front to even the car , besides I like
> the low look . But, while I was trying to mess with the rear sus. I
> discovered that I had on the wrong stabilizer arm bolt (the one that bolts
> it in its hole. So I've made a temporary one , how important is it? is there
> much pressure on this bar , until I find one (do bugs have these funny -
> thick , 17 Allen head but thin at the end where it screws in).

I can't find this on the mocrofilm. Could you give me a bit more 
description of exactly where is goes? It's been decades since I've 
seen a Z-bar.

> Now about the front sus. I got the torsion arm out , moved it a couple of
> notches (not squares or fastys) and put it back, Is that all I have to
> change ? do I need to adjust that thing just above the arm on the cross bars
> , It looks like it limits travel ?

If you mean the rubber bumper on the little arm that sticks out the 
side of the axle beam, yes it limits travel; no, it is not 
adjustable. If you lower your car, you have less travel.

> Finally , I' m having a lot of trouble putting the torsion arms back ,is
> there anything inside the cross bar they fit into that stops them ? or
> should I use more force on the plastic hammer I'm using?

There is a bushing that supports the inner end of the torsion arm. If 
you are not aligned correctly with it, then it is possible to drive 
it into the center of the axle beam where it will be loose and no 
longer support the arm. If you do this you will be looking for some 
of those no longer obtainable type 3 parts. 

I recommend that you make sure that the splines fit smoothly at both 
ends, then fit things carefully and slowly. They should just slide 
in. You can grease the spJim 
Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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