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Re: [T3] ACK! What did I do????

On 23 Jul 99, at 23:19, Dave Hall wrote:

> I can hear all those old German engineers turning in their graves at such
> heresy, Jim.
> I happily spend the 30cents on a new set to make sure I don't have to
> replace studs damaged by overtightening due to oil weepip«+§r remove
> the oil again to replace them.  Same for RC gaskets, and I save on sealant
> too.
> I guess we all have our different foibles (whatever they are!).

I have an old manual that explains that the copper sump stud washers 
should be annealed with a torch before reusing. Somehow I have the 
impression that this MAY have been officially sanctioned at one time. 
We should not lose sight of the fact that this was not always a throw-
away world, especially in the 3rd world where VW enjoyed a lot of 

Used gaskets don't leak any more than new ones. I don't strip studs, 
but I repair a lot of stripped studs on cars that other people have 
worked on. It takes a while to learn how tight is tight enough.

A friend of mine spent some time in India and came back with a story 
about coming across a bike shop where he saw them welding broken 
bicycle spokes back together! Everything's relative.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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