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Re: Coriolis Effect Down Under

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Date: Friday, 23 July 1999 12:33
Subject: Fwd: Coriolis Effect Down Under

Unfortunately Don, there seems to be an inordinate no. of vw owners in OZ
flushing their toilets at the moment so we have a bit of a water shortage
but i'll
get back to you on that. Regards, Don Faulkner

>In a message dated 7/23/99 4:35:57 AM Central Daylight Time, DGaries808
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> QuirkkruiQ@aol.com was asking about the Coriolis effect in Australia.  It
>refers to the name of a French scientist -- Gaspard Coriolis -- who lived
>from 1792 to 1843 and who found out that due to the Earth's rotation, in
>Northern hemisphere water in the toilet swirls counterclockwise and water
>a toilet in the sout—y+úisphere swirls clockwise.  It also has to do
>the directions of cyclones in the northern-southern hemispheres.
> In the northern hemisphere, cyclones should rotate counterclockwise, and
>the southern hemisphere they should be termed anticyclones, which rotate
>clockwise.  The Great Red Spot on Jupiter and the orientation of Sun spots
>are examples where the Coriolis effect comes into play in the Solar System;
>both being in the southern hemisphere should be termed anticyclones.  On
>Sun though, they reverse about every 12 years, giving us the Sun Spot
> Is it true that toilet water swirls clockwise in Australia?  It should be
>that way in Australia, southern Africa, and south-South America.  For
>who live directly on the Equator, water should flush straight down.  I
>know what effect that is.  It would be interesting to find out, though.
> I just took a beer break, and sure enough, the water swirled
>counterclockwise in the toilet.
> Don Garies
> dgaries808@aol.com >>
>Just for kicks, because I suspected that something was wrong, I tried the
>bathroom in front
>of my apartment -- it swirled out clockwise. So,  I went over to my
>daughter's place, and the
>water swirled counterclockwise. So. I called my girlfriend who has a pot in
>her front room and another in the rear. Her toilets emptied one clockwise
>the other counterclockwise.
>So, I don't know if ole Coriolis knew what he was talking about.
>Knews to me! But I'd still like to know which way the toilet empties down

>Don Garies

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