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Re: [T3] fenders??

Type 3 Detectives get most of their used panels from the USA or Australia,
but occasionally NOS turns up in Europe.  Maybe they could divert one from
whoever looks for them in the USA.
BTW, they are three men and a dog (not sure about the dog; it might be a
van), not a high-profile organisation.  There isĪPgh business just in
Type 3s, which is why prices tend to be pitched high.

UK VW Type 3&4 Club
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From: AT3 RICHARDSON <richargd@truman.navy.mil>
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Sent: 24 July 1999 12:18
Subject: [T3] fenders??

> i forgot who it was, but someone on the list was looking for some NOS
> fenders. try to get a hold of the type three detectives. they are located
> england, so shipping will be costly. but if you want good NOS they could
> probably help you.
> gerald
> P.S. be carefull. i tried to ordera front fender from them for my 67
> i payed them the money and everything, then a week later they get back to
> telling me they were going to refund my money becouse they couldnt find a
> good price on shipping. it didnt make sense. if they already quoted me a
> price shouldnt they have already known about shippind and all? well
> try them they may be able to help.

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