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Re: [T3] backfire and caster

No, you can't use bug exhausts on our cars, more's the pity.  I'd be a
little reluctant to buy into that tucked up muffler thing, that area
gets hot enough as it is, not to mention access to the valves.  I was
always going to weld up something a little better when I got all the
equipment and a place to work, haven't done it yet.  All of the
currently available exhausts I've seen have been deficient one way or
another.  The only thing that fits better is the stock exhaust and I
never had one of those.  

Back off your timing if you're getting pinging, it doesn't take much
of that to get some expensive damage.  What's your compression ratio?
An exhaust leak won't cause pinging.  Backfiring, maybe, but not

On Thu, 22 Jul 1999 19:18:12 -0600, you wrote:

>Thanks, everyone for the tips.  My exhaust is a single quiet pack that is
>about 5 years old.  While i am looking at things, i am going to put a new
>one on.
>Does anyone reccommend a different style exhaust that is not so noticeable
>as a single quiet pack, or that doesn't hit the rear apron like most
>aftermarket exhausts.  When i bought the car it had the 4 tip exhaust, and i
>hated the look of that.  Does the tuck-away style (that fits up next to the
>vavle cover) work that is sold for a bug?
>Also, can the exhaust leak cause a little pinging?  I can hear the coke
>bottles noise when i am idling and i use the highest octane available (91).
>Dan Hoopes
>'67 Square, "Stanley"
>Provo, Utah
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