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Re: [T3] Lowering and raising the suspension

O.K. I kinda gave op on raising the rear suspension ,it's not that bad
anyway. I decided "just" to do the front to even the car , besides I like
the low look . But, while I was trying to mess with the rear sus. I
discovered that I had on the wrong stabilizer arm bolt (the one that bolts
it in its hole. So I've made a temporary one , how important is it? is there
much pressure on this bar , until I find one (do bugs have these funny -
thick , 17 Allen head but thin at the end where it screws in).
Now about the front sus. I got the torsion arm out , moved it a couple of
notches (not squares or fastys) and put it back, Is that all I have to
change ? do I need to adjust that thing just above the arm on the cross bars
, It looks like it limits travel ?
Finally , I' m having a lot of trouble putting the torsion arms back ,is
there anything inside the cross bar they fit into that stops them ? or
should I use more force on the plastic hammer I'm using?

Thanx for the help so far.
'69 343
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From: Jim Adney <jadney@vwtype3.org>
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Date:   23  1999 03:59
Subject: Re: [T3] Lowering and raising the suspension

On 22 Jul 99, at 8:11, Steven Ayres wrote:

> => I wasn't able to do this because of the suporting arm to the Hub ass'y.
> It sounds like you may have missed a step. What specifically is in the
> way?

Sounds like he still needs to remove the diagonal arm pivot bolt.

> => are you sure the spring plate can move on the torsion bar?
> Yes, the cover is what holds everything together in the rear. Over time
> the grease turns to soapy crud and things get sticky, you may even have
> rust holding the plate to the bar; this is a p;ob under the best of
> circumstances. Go slowly and carefully.
> => do I have to open the covers in the body to get the torsion bar moved
> => enough?
> Usually not. The body holes are there for actual removal of the bars. (If
> you eventually need to do this you can drop the subframe instead.)

I had to remove the covers on a swing axle. Are things enough
different on the IRS that you don't?

> => What about the limiter above the torsion arm it is also connected to =>
> a torsion bar, what part does it play must it also be adjusted?
> The upper swing arms are connected to the anti-sway bar, not a torsion
> bar. No adjustment necessary.

If you lower significantly won't you need to remove the whole Z-bar
assembly. I think it will just engage all the time otherwise.

> => I'm also having trouble returning the torsion arm to its place there =>
> is some sort of ring inside it has to fit into.

I found this to be quite a job since you have to force the splines
axially while they are under quite a bit of torsional force. They
should be well greased at this point.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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