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Re: [T3] Transmission questions

Here's a bit from my experience:

After being at a complete stop, when I let the clutch out my square would
shake violently and sometimes not at all.  This went on for a whilehad no idea what was causing it. I did a little fishing around and
discovered the clutch tube did not have enough slack.  This is not the
clutch cable, rather it is the clutch tube.

I think it needed about a 2-3cm sag (look in you manuals for specifics) to
allow the clutch to engage smoothly.  This is a very simple and cheap fix.
All I did was put a few spacers between the clutch arm on the transmission
and the clutch tube.  This allowed the necessary "free play" for the clutch
cable.  (Just remove the clutch adjustment nut and slip some spacers on so
they are on the FRONT side of the clutch arm.)

It now engages without any hint of shaking, no matter what rpm I engage it
in.  This might be your problem.


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> On 22 Jul 99, at 10:04, oofacts@earthlink.net wrote:
> > So does anyone have an opinion on my other questions? Namely: does this
> > symptom, shaking into first gear, imply only a distorted flywheel or are
> > there other things to explore first? I'm about to go on a 6 hour trip to
> > Maryland for a wedding and just want to know whether the above could in
> > anyway suggest something seriously wrong (and dangerous).
> Dangerous? Not likely. Highway driving is the least stressful to a
> clutch.
> When you say "shaking into first gear" are you talking about when
> you're letting the clutch up, or when you're shifting into 1st?
> Jim
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