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Re: [T3] Suggestions for shocks....

On 21 Jul 99, at 19:35, Bill Niles wrote:

> You refer to them as "type 3 shocks". Are all stock type 3 shocks the
> same?

All type three front shocks are physically the same, but VW had both 
std and HD versions.

In the rear there were dif«AcUersions for swing axle and IRS, 
Square vs (fast or notch), as well as std vs HD.

I find that the OE shocks are extremely durable. If you think you 
need new ones remove one end and see if they still work. If you still 
get resistance over the full travel in both directions, they are 
fine. When they fail, they are OBVIOUS. They don't get weak, but 
there ARE various things that can go wrong over the years. Most of my 
shocks are still OE, but I have had to scrounge to find good 
replacements at times.

> If so, why was the sleeve too long for the mounting bolt?

No idea. Just made wrong, I guess.
> There is obviously a difference between various shocks, high performance,
> "stock" etc.. But... If I buy a good "stock" style shock and the sleeve is
> too long, could I simply knock the sleeve from the old shock and put it in
> place of the longer one? In other words, would the shocks that I bought
> originally have worked if I would have swapped the sleeve? 

Probably, but there are other things that they could do wrong, too. 
So I would always wonder....

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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