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[T3] T3's for sale in San Diego

Being an ex employee of the Auto Trader in San Diego, I often check the ads 
there for kicks.  I came across 9 Type 3's today and 3 of them are Notches.  
5 are squares and one Fasty.  There's some deals to be had.  Check em out if 
the descriptions interest ya.

www.traderpub.com.  Search undercars,  Volkswagen and then ALL Models and use 
keywords, notchback, fastback and Squareback.

1963 VW NOTCHBACK-1500 S, 6 volt, complete stock, ready for restoration, eng 
needs work, body rust, good brakes & tires, call before 9pm Kim or Walter, 
(619)226-1467, $1500 or best

1963 VW NOTCHBACK-1600cc motor, disc brakes, rebuilt calipers, turned rotors, 
new master cyl, new wheel cyls, new brakes all around, $2500 obo, with 
Porsche 2.0L wheels & tires, will separate, call Chris (619)575-6176 days, 
(619)520-3915 eves

1965 VW NOTCHBACK EURO-new paint, custom int, all orig parts, front disk 
brakes, alloys, new side chrome, healthy 1650 eng, factory dual carbs, car 
just finished, lots invested, $6000 obo, call (619)448-4289 leave message

1969 VW FASTBACK-newly rebuilt engine and trans, new bucket seats, 3 point 
retractable seat belts, dual exhaust, tires, and spare, brakes, all receipts 
present, must sell, $1500 obo, call Mike (619)350-4645 or (619)261-7566

1972 VW SQUAR©1:to, light blue, tinted windows, new tires, Kenwood 
stereo & 10 disc changer, new brakes & drums, super clean custom int, too 
much to list, $3500 firm <koff>, call (760)729-5194

1969 VW SQUAREBACK-auto, rebuilt eng, new tires, newly painted in classic 
blue, orig plates, smog exempt, super clean, $2400, call (619)282-6044

1966 VW SQUAREBACK-new rear tires, dual carbs, lifted, disc brakes, runs 
great, needs some TLC, will trade for dirt bike, boat or quad, $1150, call 

1971 VOLKSWAGEN SQUAREBACK-40,000 mi on balanced rebuilt eng, 3" body 
lift,oversized wheels, torque bars, shocks, 1/4"x6" steel bumpers, built as 
off road chase car but fun on the road too, $900, Norm (760)757-0624

1972 VW SQUAREBACK-good paint, wont run, $400 obo, (619)562-7815 evenings

71 Notch
71 Square

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