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Re: [T3] Lowering and raising the suspension

HermanH=> Do I have to do this on both sides or does the torsion bar 
=> have a way of evening it self out? and it is enough to do it on one 
=> wheel.

All these procedures must be done on both sides.

=> I wasn't able to do this because of the suporting arm to the Hub ass'y.

It sounds like you may have missed a step. What specifically is in the way?

=> are you sure the spring plate can move on the torsion bar?

Yes, the cover is what holds everything together in the rear. Over time 
the grease turns to soapy crud and things get sticky, you may even Ǎst holding the plate to the bar; this is a pry-bar job under the best 
of circumstances. Go slowly and carefully.

=> do I have to open the covers in the body to get the torsion bar moved 
=> enough? 

Usually not. The body holes are there for actual removal of the bars. 
(If you eventually need to do this you can drop the subframe instead.)

=> What about the limiter above the torsion arm it is also connected to 
=> a torsion bar, what part does it play must it also be adjusted?

The upper swing arms are connected to the anti-sway bar, not a torsion 
bar. No adjustment necessary. 

=> I'm also having trouble returning the torsion arm to its place there 
=> is some sort of ring inside it has to fit into.

Please describe the problem in more detail, what you did and 
specifically where you're stuck. 

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 Grosse Karmann

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