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Re: [T3] 2.0 for 65 Notch

> have a buddy who is selling his `72 porsche 914 with alloy rims and a good
> running 2.0 engine for cheap that I envision plopping into my notch.  Am I
> dreaming?  He of course tells me that he believes the notch can handle
> size engine without a problem.  Also want to redrill the discs to fit the
> alloys...


Welcome to the list!

I am also considering the same thing.  Many people have installed a T4
engine in T3s (kinda taboo on this list--right darksiders?), but shouldn't
present a real problem if you stick with the stock FI.

The problem with carbs are the intake manifolds.  No one makes a bolt on
version, as far as I know.  Others on this list will happily attest to the
amazing cost and difficulty (what that is, I don't know) of making them.

You will also need to modify the cooling tin, change the heater boxes,
figure out a good exhaust system.  The cooling air intake is another
concern--people say you will need the cooling air intake system of the VW
411/412.  From what I have seen, this is correct (only a visual inspection
of parts, no measurements).  You will also need to do a simple modification
of the rear engine crossbar mount (T4 vs T3 mounts are pretty
different--just a matter of splicing on the mounts).

Last, but not least, you will need to modify the fly wheel.  A company call
KEP (Kennedy Engineering Products) manufactures adapters/flywheels for all
sorts of engines in VWs.  The problem with the T3 is the height clearance
for most engines, but a T4 engine (ie, Bus 72 on, 411/412, or 914) will fit
with the necessary mods.

For example, I just bought a '79 Bus with a 2.0L hydraulic lifter engine.
Good stuff for the T3!  I'll be putting a Subaru, Toyota, or Honda engine in
the Bus and moving the T4 into the T3.

BTW, if you just want to go over 65, then a stock engine will do that.
Inzu can reach 84mph. You will also save yourself all the headache of
putting this T4 engine in a T3.

If you really want to go transplant crazy, you can also -- with
modifications -- mount the disc brakes of the 914 on the T3.  email me
direct if you need a copy of this procedure.  Many people on the list may
have this file already.


'71 headless Square.

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