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Re: [T3] 2.0 for 65 Notch

Dreaming? YOUR having a DARK nightmare!!
dont ruin such a rare vehicle as a 65 Notch with this... choose a fast of
square... ooh did I say that??

a stock notch tuned properly can easily do 100!!


> From: Carrie Elm <carrie.elm@san-jose.beasys.com>
> To: type3@vwtype3.org
> Subject: [T3] 2.0 for 65 Notch
> Date: Thursday, July 22, 1999 4:08 PM
> Hey there, I'm a new listie *wave*.  Just bought a `65 notch, no engine, 
> straight body (`67 fasty fenders, disc brakes and other bits on board). 
> have a buddy who is selling his `72 porsche 914 with alloy rims and a
> running 2.0 engine for cheap that I envision plopping into my notch.  Am
> dreaming?  He of course tells me that he believes the notch can handle
> size engine without a problem.  Also want to redrill the discs to fit the

> alloys...
> You'll have to forgive me, I'm completely new to this year of VW, used to

> own a `71 and a `72 square (oh the joys of fuel injection).  I do know a 
> bit about VW's but not enough to know whether or not he's pulling my leg.
> Can someone please pony up an opinion on this?
> Obviously I'm not looking for a stock vehicle, more of a fun in-town
> driver that might break 65mph
> Thanks!
> Carrie Paxton
> `65 Notch plant-stand...
> ---------------------------------C--------------------------
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