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Re: [T3] New seal, Hood's stuck

On 20 Jul 99, at 23:19, Innes wrote:

> Well i have this NOS hood seal, and its really nice, new lookin and
> beautifull. So I'm real stoked about puttin this thing on my 69 fasty. Well
> }BB on and of course the hood is a tight fit now so i get it shut and
> what do i know , i cant get the stupid thing open . With some downward
> pressure from the wife and me yanking for dear life on the lever i finally
> get it open. I pull out the phillips head and go adjusti'n the hood release
> cable hoping for better results. Sure enough the thing is stuck again. With
> some wiggling it manages to pop open , i do more adjusting and it still is
> stuck.

The new seal is just a bit taller than the old one. This may be 
normal, or it may be because you didn't get the replacement seated 
completely right. Either way, adjusting the cable won't help.

Sometimes it helps to let the glue dry with the hood closed

To get the hood open it will take two people: one pulling the lever 
in the glove box and the second pushing down HARD on the hood just in 
front of the latch. You have to take the stress off the latch, then 
the cable should be able to pull the latch open easily.

You may want to loosen up the upper latch part. Just loosen the lock 
nut, back out the screw adjustment, and retighten the locknut. You 
can independently adjust the fit at the rear corners by adjusting the 
hinge mount bolts (this is tricky) and the front corners by screwing 
the rubber bumpers in or out.

You may need to just live with it this way a bit until the new gasket 
gets "crushed" into shape.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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